This service is brought to you by a collaboration between the Wayne State University Muslim Students Association and the University Islamic Center of Detroit (Cass Mosque). Below are two documents along with links to their respective forms. One document provides a list of on and off campus housing that is available, which is updated by people who have housing space available and are looking for roommates or renters. The other document is a list of people who are looking for housing within or around the Wayne State University campus. Please be aware that all inputs are time stamped. You may also wish to check the WSU Housing page for the general student body. Search accordingly.


Note that this entire service is used by both Wayne State and non Wayne State individuals. Although moderated, these documents are intended to be updated and maintained by the individuals using them.


Whether you are looking for housing or providing housing, on or off campus, please make sure to provide as much information as possible.


If you need to make any changes to your information or have it removed, or if you come across any expired entries, or there are any other issues with the list, please contact:   wsu.cassmosque@gmail.com


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