Within the central hub of the hustle and bustle of busy student life on campus, you will find a sanctuary of peace.

The Reflection Room is the main prayer space of Muslims at Wayne State. Sisters reside on the left side, and brothers on the right. There are two ablution rooms right outside of the reflection room for you to make wudu (those are gender inclusive).

Located on the Third floor of the Student Center, Rm. 350

Remember, the reflection room is a space for people of all religions to use.

Prayer Space

More Places to Pray

David Adamany Undergraduate Library

On the 3rd floor of the library, there is a corner near the fire exit and phone booths where the Muslims frequently pray. It is to the right of the Seminar room and to the left of the study tables that you see right away.


Cass Mosque

Located on the South-East corner of Cass and Forest is the University Islamic Center of Detroit. The Brother's entrance is right at the corner and the sisters entrance is a single door farther down away from the campus.

For more information about Cass Mosque, visit: https://www.facebook.com/cassmosque/

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