Our Impact




Board members that give a

voice to the thousands 

of Muslims on campus

College students and alumni 

reached through our events

and programs

Engaging educational and

social events held throughout

the year

Countless friendships

are made in the MSA and

last a lifetime inshaAllah

Executive Team

Saim Rehman


Samia Ullah

Vice President

Iman Ansari


Sabira Rahman

Communications Chair

Waleed Vaid

Program Chair

Zehn Wani

Finance Chair

Nuha Malik

Student Life Chair

Aalia Siddiqui

Outreach Chair



A religion of peace, mercy, kindness, charity, love, compassion, brotherhood, sisterhood, family, modesty, cleanliness, acceptance, understanding and so much more. Islam is one of the three largest Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Judaism being the other two. Muslims believe in one God, and they believe that the Prophet Muhammadﷺ was the final messenger of God. There are over 1.7 billion Muslims living throughout the world today, all of whom are diverse and unique, but united together as one Ummah under Islam.